Paint me a tiger
A hot-blooded, red toothed liar
Watch as I lurk outside your home
With my eyes shining like gold

Gently I make my way closer to you; “fool”
I think as I see your mouth curve into an inviting smile
I respond with a purr and approach with my honest eyes and false intentions

You ask about my stripes
And I answer with silence
You say you think they’re beautiful
And my insides churn and recoil

As you go on about your life
And just as equally ask about mine
I can’t help but feel a ping of regret
For my plan to deceive you and leave you for dead

As the night goes on and I hear you talk
About life and love and the meaning of it all
I grow tired and reckless and my patience wears thin
I won’t wait any longer; so I pounce on you then

As our eyes meet
Mine gold as the fire burning inside me
And yours blue as the calmest sea
I feel the heat escape me

The hate I had for everything
The careless pain I inflicted on myself and those around me
Changed into a cool stream that flowed through my entire body
And for the first time I felt alive


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