The Queen of Death and Loneliness

As the dead lay claim to the earth below
And the living everything else
We all look up to the hallowed glow of
The Queen of Death and Loneliness

Her bone-flesh face with eyes of black
Tell stories that no one can know
Though she radiates light in the darkest of nights
Her soul is hollow and cold


Paint me a tiger
A hot-blooded, red toothed liar
Watch as I lurk outside your home
With my eyes shining like gold

Gently I make my way closer to you; “fool”
I think as I see your mouth curve into an inviting smile
I respond with a purr and approach with my honest eyes and false intentions

You ask about my stripes
And I answer with silence
You say you think they’re beautiful
And my insides churn and recoil

As you go on about your life
And just as equally ask about mine
I can’t help but feel a ping of regret
For my plan to deceive you and leave you for dead

As the night goes on and I hear you talk
About life and love and the meaning of it all
I grow tired and reckless and my patience wears thin
I won’t wait any longer; so I pounce on you then

As our eyes meet
Mine gold as the fire burning inside me
And yours blue as the calmest sea
I feel the heat escape me

The hate I had for everything
The careless pain I inflicted on myself and those around me
Changed into a cool stream that flowed through my entire body
And for the first time I felt alive

My dark prince with the bright blue eyes
Piercing my heart and consuming my life
You lovely ghost with the hellish mind
Cradle me in the dark and shield me from the light
Breathe your smoke into me
Make me yours, make us same
You take my life, I take your name
Together we’ll share eternity