Bleed it out
All over the paper
Open yourself
And spill your life on the floor
Tell your tale
Of how you flourished in Hell
And in spite of yourself


Milk in my mouth
I swallow it down
Straight to my bones
It warms up my soul

Love in my throat
I spit it out fast
You soak it all up
And squeeze out the rest

Time on my side
And your hands in mine
I lose count of the seconds
When eternity’s mine

I dreamt I was an ocean
And you set sail over me
You followed every vain where my waters ran
You sang your songs and the sun danced on my skin
When I was happy I shone so brightly
When I was sad I tried with all I had to keep you ashore
But you are a persistent man
You swam in my storm
And you drank up my sorrow
The coldest of my waters are now filled with your warmth
And what once was damned to the deepest abyss is now rising to the surface
Bursting through my skin and screaming to the sky above
“I am in love!”