What You See

It’s time to go to bed
But you can’t sleep
You try to rest your head
But the thoughts, they creep

All around on the floor
Crawling under the door
You thought you left them behind
They’re coming back for more

And you ball up your fists
You really hate nights like this
You scream into the sheets
You’re coming out at your seams

It seems you’ve fallen apart
It seems you’ve broken your heart
You can’t see past your own scars
You can’t see through the dark

You take a look in the mirror
Try to change what you see
You want to impress me
Be the one I want to meet

I want to meet who I’ve seen
Everyday of the week
Every month of the year
You see, I love you dear

I love the way that you blush
I love the way that you fuss
And when you look at me
I really love what I see

It seems I’ve fallen apart
It seems you’ve stolen my heart
I think you’re my missing part
You’re my light in the dark