Starstruck and Hopeless

Where do stars go when they die?
I watched one burst and ignite the sky
I felt the warmth leave me behind
In cold and dark and endless time

We both held hands as the light left our world
A starstruck boy and a hopeless girl
Standing alone in the void that was forged
We closed our eyes and began to move forward

We don’t need light to know what’s ahead
We follow our hearts and ignore our heads
Our steps are small, and our journey long
But together we’ll make it, together we’re strong


Do You Believe?

Do you believe if we stare at the sky
Eventually we’ll see God’s eye
Staring back in curious awe
At the love we made when he created us all

Do you think the angels sing
Behind the stars so we can’t see
The way they blush when they see us
Just like you did at the first show of lust

Or maybe that was you singing
Your instrument perfectly tuned
Pushing and pulling on my heart
As if I was the ocean and you were the moon

Do you believe if we stare into each others eyes
Eventually we’ll see the rest of our lives
Playing out like some elaborate scheme
As if God meant for you to be with me

Come Back To Me

I still sleep with my window open at night
I still secretly wish that you would come over here
And hold me the way you did that night
When your heartbeat flooded my ears

I still feel your impression on my pillow
I still see your phantom under my sheets
Your side of the bed is warmest place I know
Your smell is the smoothest sweet

I still pray with my eyes open
I still call your name while I’m asleep
If you see my window open
I love you, come back to me