A King With No Queen

He lay on his bed
Alone and unwed
And wandered how long he would last

If after he’s dead
He shared not his bed
His kingdom would crumble so fast

So he dressed in his best
And summoned the rest
To prepare a feast for his guest

The love of his life
His lover and wife
Would surely be found tonight

But, alas, he was lonely
When he returned home, the only
To a table dressed to impress

The only soul there
Was a maiden so fair
He wandered how she had been missed

He approached her with pride
And asked her to be his  bride
But with respect she politely denied

He was in shock
How could she so mock
Her ever so royal highness

He asked her again
But she said with a grin
She wished that he wouldn’t persist

But he took off his crown
On one knee, he got down
And promised to give her the best

She exclaimed in delight
Her joy pierced through the night
And their love was sealed as they kissed


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