I’m an expert in things I know nothing about
The sound of the silence in a room full of doubt
Makes me wonder if we will ever be more
If I listen to your heart beat with my ear on the floor
If I close my eyes and fall unconscious
I can make out pictures of the future of us
You with your life and me with mine
Somehow eternally intertwined
But no guarantee that we’ll be ‘we’
There’s no ring or propositions coming from me
Just smiles and nod’s as our lives pass by
We both say we’re happy; We both tell those lies
But from across the room I can read your mind
You want to be his but you need to be mine
So I’ll ask you to dance and hold your heart close
As we sway in secret circles that we know we both chose
I am your space and you are my time
Always, eternally intertwined


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