It’s not my fault if I want every piece of you
To me you’re like a view, a vision of beauty
I wanna wrap you up inside my arms, hold you in my heart
I’ll keep you in every part, every single artery
And the things that the other people around you wanna make you change
The way they look at you is strange, I look at you and think
I wanna see you change into something more comfortable
We can get comfortable, maybe even on the table
We clear off every single counter top in this house of mine
What’s mine is yours that’s fine, I just wanna waste time
With you there is infinity, the beyond is too far to see
But I’m too busy looking at you, looking at me
And in your eyes I can see the things that we could be
I could be with you, and you would let me be me
Together we’re happy
Why can’t we be happy?
You make me happy


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