To Be

I want to be good
Just enough to get by
Without any notice from you

I want to be simple
Not quite so abstract
That you keeping coming back

I want to be dull
Something borrowed and scratched
That you’ll throw in the trash

I want to be ugly
Someone no one would want
And whose thoughts would constantly taunt

But you won’t let me
You make me better than most
And you laugh at my jokes
You stand up and clap when everyone’s comatose

You say I’m a mystery
And that I’m hard to read
That sometimes you can’t tell
If it’s you that I need

You say that you love me
That I’m all that you see
And that you’ll wait for me
Until I figure out what I want to be

I want to be yours


If You Want Me To

I won’t leave
If you want me to stay
It was our hearts
That made us this way

We gave up the fight
Now we must pay the cost
Forever together
Til one heart is lost

You sleep in my arms
I creep in your heart
And make my bed there
So we’re never apart

Things I Don’t Need

I don’t need skin
If you can’t touch me
I don’t need eyes
If you’re far away

I don’t need clothes
If they don’t smell like you
I don’t need a bed
If you’re not in the room

I don’t need air
If it’s not from your lips
I don’t need blood
If ours can’t mix

I don’t need to speak
If you can’t hear me
All I need is for you
To lean in and kiss me

Goodnight, Love

Goodnight, love
My angel sent from above
I’ll watch you ascend to the stars
Taking with you my heart

I’ll hold your gaze
As you fly away
And pray you’ll return
At the next light of day

You’ll fall from the sky
A meteoric decent
And into my arms
Where forever you’ll spend

The End

The clouds could burn
The sky could dry
The air could dissolve
So the wind couldn’t fly

Buildings could crumble
And people could stumble
The mouth of the ground
Could eat everything around

The oceans could recede
And escape into steam
But I would stand by you
No, I wouldn’t leave

I’d hold both your hands
And stand face to face
And kiss your sweet lips
As we descend into space


I lay so close to you my dear
In hopes you might whisper in my ear
And tell me your thoughts on finding love
In a world like ours when nothing’s good enough

I wait for sleep to deafen me
And see your face in silent dreams
The pictures flash and fade so fast
I want them to stay; why can’t they last?

I wake in a jolt to find you there
Holding my hand with tender care
You’re eyes are closed; you are asleep
I wonder if you are dreaming of me

I whisper “I love you” in your ear
Though I know that you cannot hear
I didn’t think I would ever find love
But in a world like ours, you’re more than enough

My Heart

I’ll make you love me
I’ll make you fall
‘Til the sound of my heartbeat
Becomes the best sound of all

With you it’s effortless
Like breathing in air
My heart beats out of my chest
Whenever you’re near

I’m terrified of what’s to come
Although I know that’s the best part
From the beginning I was numb
Now you’ve finally stole my heart

‘Til Death

They sat in their house
Alone in the dark
The fire was out
There was barely a spark

The red glow of embers
Was the warmth they received
It was the start of December
And the end of their being

They held hands together
As the light slowly drained
For worse or for better
No longer remained

But this they remembered
‘Til death do us part
So just like the embers
They both lost their spark

Don’t Speak, Just Kiss

I can only spare seconds
Though I beg for much more
Life has such fickle bonds
We never feel too secure

The words I must say
I wish would fall out like teeth
And move your heart in a way
That brings you closer to me

Before I give you my time
You must promise me this
If you love me the same
Then don’t speak, just kiss