It is the game of God, I suppose

To bury the dead under a rose.

A punishment perhaps, to the Earth

To have life all around

But inside, only death 



I drank all my water and ate my portion.
Whatever was left over I gave to the guards.
If I am the enemy then sentence me for a crime.
Let me serve my time; do not keep me chained like a pet.
Forever tied to your flesh by your inflexible tendrils of guilt and anger.
Wrapping around me in a desperate compulsion to possess me forever.
I am not a prisoner by choice.
If I so choose I could escape tonight and find my home.
No, I am only held captive by the hope that one day you will love me.

Paint me a tiger
A hot-blooded, red toothed liar
Watch as I lurk outside your home
With my eyes shining like gold

Gently I make my way closer to you; “fool”
I think as I see your mouth curve into an inviting smile
I respond with a purr and approach with my honest eyes and false intentions

You ask about my stripes
And I answer with silence
You say you think they’re beautiful
And my insides churn and recoil

As you go on about your life
And just as equally ask about mine
I can’t help but feel a ping of regret
For my plan to deceive you and leave you for dead

As the night goes on and I hear you talk
About life and love and the meaning of it all
I grow tired and reckless and my patience wears thin
I won’t wait any longer; so I pounce on you then

As our eyes meet
Mine gold as the fire burning inside me
And yours blue as the calmest sea
I feel the heat escape me

The hate I had for everything
The careless pain I inflicted on myself and those around me
Changed into a cool stream that flowed through my entire body
And for the first time I felt alive

My dark prince with the bright blue eyes
Piercing my heart and consuming my life
You lovely ghost with the hellish mind
Cradle me in the dark and shield me from the light
Breathe your smoke into me
Make me yours, make us same
You take my life, I take your name
Together we’ll share eternity

Bleed it out
All over the paper
Open yourself
And spill your life on the floor
Tell your tale
Of how you flourished in Hell
And in spite of yourself

Milk in my mouth
I swallow it down
Straight to my bones
It warms up my soul

Love in my throat
I spit it out fast
You soak it all up
And squeeze out the rest

Time on my side
And your hands in mine
I lose count of the seconds
When eternity’s mine

I dreamt I was an ocean
And you set sail over me
You followed every vain where my waters ran
You sang your songs and the sun danced on my skin
When I was happy I shone so brightly
When I was sad I tried with all I had to keep you ashore
But you are a persistent man
You swam in my storm
And you drank up my sorrow
The coldest of my waters are now filled with your warmth
And what once was damned to the deepest abyss is now rising to the surface
Bursting through my skin and screaming to the sky above
“I am in love!”

Oh, Sweetheart

Oh, Sweetheart I think that we’re failing
The good has been gone for so very long
And I fear that we may be drifting away 
Because everything around you is fading from my view

The jacket you wore 
When we got caught in that storm
And the blankets we wet
With the love that we sweat

I laid them both out
On the warm summer ground
And let the sun soak up 
All the love that we broke up

But the memories, I keep them for me
I write them all down on
The same spot that we left on 
And hope that one day you’ll see

So while you’re out there alone or if you’ve moved on 
You know you always have a place to call home
Because home is where the heart is
And my heart is homeless 
Because I left it behind for you


Where do you go when the fires burn out?
When the screams become a distant wail
And the wailing a single voice
After all merriment and gaiety have dwindled away
And you are alone with only the ashes of the day
A single voice in a darkened room
A darkened room with a single soul
Giving all it’s sadness to the ashes
A single soul finding solace
In a world that’s burned it out